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"Help us make a difference, one book at a time."


Freedom Publishing Company encourages charitable efforts. We will donate $.50 for each book or tape you purchase from All you have to do is to click onto the charity of your choice, and we will send that charity 50 cents for each book or tape purchased.

Choose Your Charity

[Note: Only charities which follow strict accountability guidelines qualify for the following list. At least 90% of the proceeds to the following charities go directly to the cause, with only 10% or less going to its administrative costs.]

List of Charities Coming Soon

Our Mission Statement

There is charity in all of us. Letís help support the less fortunate and the needy by contributing and encouraging others to contribute to worthwhile causes.

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise at least $100,000 per year for charitable and philanthropic causes.

Contact Us

If you represent a charitable or philanthropic cause, please contact Freedom Publishing Company for more information on joining CharitaPage at Thank you.

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